Network Inform: Driving Intelligence Through Data: 5 June

In this half day workshop, experts from NGI Solutions will offer two different perspectives on why Data is still the lifeblood of business. The session will be split into two workshops:

  • 5 reasons why data is good for your business
  • Storytelling through data

Workshop 1

5 Reasons why data is good for your business

With GDPR now fully active, usage of data is now, more than ever, a hot topic. While acknowledging that any data held by any business should be fully compliant with the law of the land, it is also definitely not time to running scared of data!

Led by James Ealey, Director at NGI Solutions, he will give you five key reasons why and how data can be used positively by your business – which can help your bottom-line, provide opportunities to invest in your people, measure impact and identify future growth.

Workshop 2

Storytelling Through Data

As businesses we sit on a vast amount of data, much of it untouched yet all of it able to offer us something to drive our business forward, Ian Thomas Head of Insight at NGI Solutions will share some of the techniques used by NGI Solutions to uncover the stories and drive insight.


12:15 Registration

12:30 Lunch and Networking

13:00 Workshop 1 – Reasons why data is good for your business

14:00 Coffee Break

14:15 Workshop 2 – Storytelling through data

15:15 Q & A Session

15:30 Event close

For more information and to book your ticket click here

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