NGI Solutions

NGI Solutions is a marketing, PR and research agency which provides successful solutions to help meet business objectives.

We are experts in communications and can help with everything from the development of a long-term PR strategy or internal communications plan to the delivery of your day-to-day media relations and social media.

Our award-winning communications team has extensive consumer, business and corporate PR experience and is full of insight and ideas to help shape and share your messages and campaigns, reach your audiences and drive your business forward.

Land In offer

We recognise that businesses opening up a new base in Newcastle may require PR and wider corporate communications support to effectively and efficiently establish and embed themselves within the city, wider North East region and potentially within the UK.

As part of the Land:In programme, our experienced PR team will provide:

-       An introductory PR workshop session (2 hours) during which we will:

  •     provide an overview of the media and business landscape within the North East (and UK if / where required)
  •     seek to understand and / or identify your communications objectives, target audiences and existing PR approach.
  •     discuss and agree key business and media introductions that will help to embed your team and business locally.
  •     Provide advice and make initial recommendations to support your PR objectives / activity.

-       Where required we would be delighted to develop a proposal to support your opening / launch PR and communications plans – offering a 20% reduction on our standard daily rate (usual rate: £500 +VAT per day; reduced Land:In offer rate: £400 +VAT per day).

  • This plan could include a launch news release and media call opportunity, bespoke media briefings, development of media pack material, a launch event, a stakeholder engagement strategy and a tailored social media strategy, amongst other tactics – but will be tailored to meet your brief, budget and specific requirements.




Land In is a FREE service designed to make it easy to enter the UK & European market and is exclusively for overseas businesses wanting to establish a long-term presence here.

Land In is only available through the Inward Investment team at Invest Newcastle, who can provide a range of impartial advice and services making it easy for businesses to locate and succeed in Newcastle. Get in touch to find out more.

Get in touch

To see if the soft landing programme is right for your company, and to find out more please call and speak to a member of the team. Certain acceptance criteria may apply to access some or all of the services detailed.