PROTRAINING equips professionals with the specific tools and knowledge they need to succeed in their field of expertise.

Operating across the UK, they employ an experiential approach to corporate training that allows learners to uncover, develop, and enhance new skills through discovery learning.

Participants play an active role in our programmes, as they interact with each other and their environment to develop new skills and harness their individual strengths.


Land In offer

  1. A free half day training course for up to 10 members of staff - Sessions include;
  • Complex Communications
  • Decision Making - Profit V Customer
  • Negotiating for Success

The PROTRAINING Land In offer is available to all new entrants to Newcastle and North East England. 

Land In is a FREE service designed to make it easy to enter the UK & European market and is exclusively for overseas businesses wanting to establish a long-term presence here. 

Land In is only available through the Inward Investment team at Invest Newcastle, who can provide a range of impartial advice and services making it easy for businesses to locate and succeed in Newcastle. 

Get in touch to find out more. 

Get in touch

To see if the soft landing programme is right for your company, and to find out more please call and speak to a member of the team. Certain acceptance criteria may apply to access some or all of the services detailed.