PROTRAINING is a professional training and team building consultancy offering award-winning business games, simulations and Discovery Maps. Our core methodology is experiential and discovery learning - a powerful training approach that engages employees, accelerates learning and prolongs knowledge retention. The international solutions that PROTRAINING offers span critical areas such as business acumen, leadership accountability, sales activation, customer centricity, organisational change, talent leadership and project management. Through these solutions PROTRAINING increases knowledge, shapes changes in strategies, enhances behaviour, improves performance and increases revenues.

Why Newcastle?


Having spent nine years in the Middle East, and the last six growing the business in the United Arab Emirates while working with partners such as Nestlé, Emirates Airlines and Shell, PROTRAINING was looking for a UK base to continue its growth. The company was impressed by the support offered when moving to Newcastle, the businesses that are already established here and the growth potential of the North East England area. All of these factors persuaded PROTRAINING to pick Newcastle for its UK base.


Speaking about Invest Newcastle’s support, Ian Murray, Managing Director of PROTRAINING UK, said: “We received excellent support from Invest Newcastle throughout the whole process. They provided a sounding board, offered advice, direction and partnership that has proved to be invaluable in setting up our office in Newcastle.”

Business community

PROTRAINING also worked with several Invest Newcastle partners to make the move to the region a smooth one. WardHadaway supplied free company incorporation and legal advice, the North East England Chamber of Commerce offered discounted membership for 6 months and Regent Centre-based Omnia Offices provided office space at a reduced cost. PROTRAINING was also able to assess the regional marketplace thanks to discounted market research services offered by NGI Solutions.


Ian added: “With over 18,000 professional services organisations in the region and a 33 per cent growth in corporate service sectors in the North East over the last ten years, Newcastle is a growing city of choice for overseas organisations who are looking to expand their services in the UK and a popular base to work with local and national businesses.”


Working in the Business Services sector PROTRAINING recognised the importance of a good culture in the business community and local workforce. Senior management were impressed by the personality and friendliness of the people in the North East, alongside the potential of partnering with the business sector.


Ian, who is from Newcastle originally, continued: “Newcastle has a tight-knit friendly business community, everyone knows everyone and this applies across all sectors. This matches our company ethos perfectly and we are now in a great position to make quick connections and receive referrals from the businesses we’re in contact with.”