Health and Life Science

The North East of England’s £1.7bn regional life science eco-system employs almost 8,000 professionals in almost 200 companies, who operate globally from our region. It is recognised as one of the leading locations for businesses from around the world and is growing at significant pace. The region has a strong history of innovation in healthcare, taking research through to application. We developed the world's first ‘three-person ivf’ technique, performed the first UK baby heart transplant, and are recognised as a centre of excellence for a range of specialist and acute NHS services – including treating the UK’s first Covid-19 patients.

We are the location for a fast growing and innovative life science, healthcare, and biotech sector.

The dynamic, forward-thinking companies who are based here are at the forefront of global innovation, leveraging research and development and support from our world-leading universities and outstanding NHS Trusts, which are among the largest and highest achieving in the country. The strong NHS presence represents further opportunities for companies locating themselves here.

The UK's life science sector is growing rapidly and there is a strong pipeline of businesses wanting to expand and locate themselves here, from innovative start-ups and University spin outs, to global brands. We have a huge interest from these businesses who see the potential in our region’s ecosystem - a place to grow and commercialise innovative ideas, bringing products to market.

Combined with affordability and quality of life the area offers health and life sciences professionals, and investors the opportunity to live a balanced life and to build a career at the forefront of global scientific innovation and invention.