R&D and Innovation

Newcastle has been core to some of the great discoveries of the past. Now a designated Science City and home to leading academic institutions, Newcastle is working on the breakthroughs of the future through world-class R&D personnel, facilities and innovations.

With focuses on ageing, smart data, urban sustainability and digital technologies, businesses and academics are coming together making waves in the solutions of the future. 

Innovation hubs and networking including DigitalCity, Centre for Ageing and Vitality, Bionow and the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult, are focused on innovation promotion and advancement, offering access to business communities.

Our leading academic institutions are proactively working with businesses and through Newcastle University’s four national centres for excellence, they have the facilities and capabilities to lead the way in ageing, big data, energy and, subsea and offshore engineering.

Whether you’re a sustainable science centre, a pharmaceutical business or an innovation excelling in R&D for life sciences, you’ll be able to take advantage of expertise, collaboration with the hospitals and universities.