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Investment prospectus launched to promote Newcastle’s development opportunities

November 1, 2023

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Invest Newcastle, NewcastleGateshead Initiative’s inward investment team, have launched a new prospectus to attract capital investment and promote the city as a unique destination to live, work and play.  

The comprehensive document showcases Newcastle’s prime assets and development opportunities to provide a compelling case for global investors.  

Branded with the ‘Beyond Investment’ moniker, the prospectus invites investors to choose Newcastle not only for its long history of innovation, smart city credentials and unique sector strengths, but also for the opportunity to achieve transformational social impact in the local community.  

Following the publication of Newcastle City Council’s first ever inclusive economic strategy, the investment prospectus looks to a  city transformed by investment in people and places, a city which leads the world in knowledge-intensive industries, a city where investors and developers are committed to social value and a city where public-private partnerships work hard to improve the health, wellbeing and social mobility of local residents.  

The breadth of investment and development opportunities contained in the prospectus are grouped together in ‘Places’ from those which are already having a big impact on the urban landscape such as Newcastle Helix and Pilgrim Street to those which hold enormous potential such as Forth Yards and Health Innovation Neighbourhood.  

The prospectus also covers what Newcastle can offer in terms of access to a skilled workforce, modern infrastructure and fast connectivity, as well as the funding ecosystem and support available to those looking to invest in the city.  

Jennifer Hartley, Director of Invest Newcastle, said: “This investment prospectus brings together an incredibly diverse array of opportunities for capital investment and provides a convenient snapshot of how the built environment in Newcastle is changing for the future.  

“We hope this evolving guide will become a go-to resource for all our partners and colleagues across the UK when they are promoting our city on the national and international stage.  

“We received a fantastic initial response to the prospectus at EXPO Real in Germany and look forward to taking it out to MIPIM and UKREiiF in 2024.” 

Read the Newcastle Investment Prospectus here.

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