There are over 8,000 registered businesses in Newcastle, with knowledge intensive sectors and tech driving consistent economic growth. From commercial application of 3D virtual solutions to digital gaming and pioneering subsea technology to life changing research in science and healthcare, there’s a lot going on in Newcastle. Take a look and see why being part of it makes great business sense.

Tech and Digital

Newcastle is one of the most vibrant digital clusters outside of London, with the fastest growing digital sector in England (+30.7%, 2017-2017).

Medical Science and Sustainability

One of only six designated UK Science Cities, Newcastle has an internationally-renowned reputation for medical sciences and sustainability.

Offshore and Marine


A major centre for the renewable, offshore and subsea energy industries, Newcastle is one of six Centres for Offshore Renewable Engineering (CORE) in England.

Business and Professional Services

 Home to some of the biggest names in business and professional services, Newcastle has a strong reputation in the banking, corporate finance, insurance, contact centre and shared services.



At the heart of a comprehensive, efficient and modern transport infrastructure, Newcastle stands out from the crowd as the place to be for business.

Business Function

R&D and Innovation

A designated Science City and home to leading academic institutions, Newcastle is working on the breakthroughs of the future through world-class R&D personnel, facilities and innovations.


Across a range of sectors, more and more big names are making Newcastle their home, establishing their regional, European or worldwide HQ.