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Newcastle is home to a diverse and historic digital cluster, with unique strengths in fintech, gaming, data science and immersive technologies.

Newcastle is a major hub for technology businesses who value access to world-class research institutions, smart infrastructure and collaborative ecosystems.

Newcastle has emerged as a significant player in the technology sector in recent years, owing to the presence of a growing number of international companies such as FTSE-100 constituent Sage PLC, global games developer Ubisoft and wealthtech pioneer True Potential.

The city has unique expertise across a number of key growth areas, including software development, data science, video games, fintech and immersive technologies.

Newcastle boasts advanced digital infrastructure ranging from the Urban Observatory, which hosts the largest set of open source urban environmental monitoring data, to Stellium Data Centre, a high-capacity fibre network that can connect Newcastle to New York City in 66 milliseconds via the North Atlantic Loop.

The city is also at the cutting edge of innovation thanks to the presence of the National Innovation Centre for Data (NICD), which brings together world-leading academics to develop the skills, ideas and resources needed to exploit the opportunities offered by the data-driven revolution.

With two city centre universities attracting 60,000 students per year, Newcastle has a diverse and highly skilled workforce for digital companies. Newcastle University is driving research via its Centre for Doctoral Training in Cloud Computing for Big Data and Digital Institute, while Northumbria University hosts its Cyber Security and Network Systems Group (Cybernets) and the Digital Learning Laboratory.

Largest set of publicly available real time urban data in the UK via Urban Observatory.

67,000 STEM and computing students within an hours’ drive of the city.

Home to the National Innovation Centre for Data.

Newcastle to New York in 66 milliseconds via North Atlantic Loop.

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